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Being a part of e-commerce market since 2010 gives us motivation and makes us experienced in producing exceptional and high-quality products.
We love the high quality and freedom. We care about the quality of our relationships with customers, the quality of production materials and the production process itself which we closely supervise. We realise our full potential through the freedom of creating which is enabled thanks to innovative clothes and accessories printing methods. Every day marketing specialists, graphics designers and artists make unique prints and patterns which we ensure reach our customers and business partners. We work in our own sewing factory and machinery park where we combine modern technology with manual techniques. We know that the design of the things that surround us is important. It makes us feel in certain ways and creates the atmosphere around us. That’s why we care about the needs of our customers, new tends and ways of spending time, passions, and things and places that make us happy- because we want to be in such places as well!

Our products

Technological innovation allows us to create many products from scratch, which gives us extremely extensive possibilities of completing our assortment in various spaces - from street fashion to home furnishing. Customers who choose us appreciate the quality of production and the wide possibilities of personalization. Try us if you love the simplicity of good solutions and functionality of everyday products.

Used Techniques

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Along with embroidery, the most durable print. It’s based on plotter or laser cutting of the template which is then heat sealed onto the item.

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Raster graphics (e.g. bmp, jpg) is printed onto the textiles, mostly cotton, by digital printer. Despite high production costs, it creates durable multiple-colour prints with tonal transitions.

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A type of printing used on polyester textiles or textiles with special coating. This technique is mostly used on mugs and phone cases and in fullprint (socks, T-Shirts, hoodies).

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Embroidery is used on thick materials, for example of hats, hoodies, polo T-shirts, pullovers. It’s sophisticated and highly durable and gives an impression of professionalism. However, it’s not suitable for small details and advanced graphics due to the limited thickness of thread. We perform direct embroidering or embroidering on stripes.

Pattern Gallery

Why choose us

Whether you buy in bulk or just one item- all the prices we offer are competitive. Every customer is important to us so regardless the size of order the price will be favourably calculated.

We collaborate with start-ups and big corporations. We have our own catalogues with designs and photos of the products. We also offer our partners additional options such as professional photo sessions. We generate computer files in XML which are compatible with our online store.

Most of our products are made in Poland. For printing we use only genuine printer inks with ISO certificates. It makes our products safe even for children. We collaborate with only Polish textile producers- materials aren’t imported from Asian countries. Printing, packing and shipping take place in Poland as well.

You can try the quality of our products before you place an order. Ask for a free sample of a product that you’re interested in. The production methods we use allow us to create single items which makes us competitive!

Are you a blogger, graphic designer or a wholesaler? Do you like our products? Email us! We’re more than happy to work with you. We want to celebrate YOUR success as well.

Ask for personalised prints that we’ll create only for you/ your business. If you’d like to buy clothes made according to your own design (T-Shirt, hoodie, top), contact us and our designers and tailors will make your idea come true.


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